Ledgestone LE Disc Schedule Announced

Thursday, December 19, 2019

We are happy to announce the molds that will be released to vendors for the 2020 Ledgestone LE schedule. This year we are releasing 31 molds, including 2 DGA Molds (and then 2 additional special Discraft molds at the event). These discs will be released over 3 different waves. Our list is subject to change. We are aiming for February 1st for the first wave release and then approximately 2 month gaps for Waves 2 and 3. Infinite Discs will once again be the official vendor of the event and will have by far the largest selection of Ledgestone discs. This announcement is the 9th and penultimate announcement in our Ten Days of Ledgestone promotion.

Coming up with the disc schedule is always a fun challenge for Ledgestone TD Nate Heinold. “The process really starts with asking people what they want to see. We do some polls online and then gauge what has sold well in the past. We also evaluate new molds as they come out,” said Heinold. Recently Heinold has pulled a few older discs into the rotation “just to mix things up.” Last year brought the Cyclone into the Ledgestone LE fold for the first time, while the Surge saw a welcome return. “A lot of these older discs have great markets, and sometimes releasing these older discs in limited runs (in a newer plastic) will reinvigorate fans of that disc, or bring new fans to certain discs,” continued Heinold. After various polls Heinold then talks to the vendors. He admits the vendors used to be more specific, but the popularity of the discs the last few years has caused several to tell him to run anything and everything. Heinold then spends a few weeks tweaking his list before making the 6 hour trek up to Michigan to meet with the top brass at Discraft. “The first time they see the list of what I want to do is when I show up in Mike Wagner’s office.” The list is then tweaked slightly based on other releases that Discraft has planned, and a few of Heinold’s ideas get shot down. “I am pretty sure I have asked for a Wasp Tooled Buzzz each of the last 5 years, and that’s been a resounding no,” laughs Heinold. 

The Ledgestone fundraiser discs are one of the primary fundraising methods for the tournament. “All of the vendor support for these discs really helps make Ledgesetone what it is. We are extremely grateful to all of the vendors who have supported us over the years,” said Heinold. Without further delay, here is this year’s Disc Schedule:

  1. Wave 1
    1. Cryztal Flx Sparkle Zone
    2. Ti Swirly Banger GT
    3. Big Z Wasp
    4. Glo Sparkle Raptor
    5. Tour Series Swirly ESP Meteor
    6. Ti Swirly Stalker (Paige Pierce 1X Ledgestone Champion disc)
    7. Full Foil Super Color Buzzz
    8. Big Z Force
    9. Tour Series Swirly ESP Predator 
    10. Tour Series Swirly ESP Tracker 
  2. Wave 2
    1. Cryztal Sparkle Buzzz
    2. Cryztal Sparkle Undertaker (Paul McBeth 2X Ledgestone Champion disc)
    3. Big Z Buzzz SS
    4. Tour Series Swirly ESP Mantis
    5. Full Foil Super Color Raptor
    6. Tour Series Swirly ESP Wasp
    7. Rubber Blend Zone
    8. Swirly ESP APX
    9. Big Z XL
    10. Swirly ESP Ringer
    11. DGA Ice Hurricane
    12. DGA Tour Series Swirly Hellfire
  3. Wave 3
    1. ESP Swirly Glo Force
    2. Cryztal Sparkle Raptor
    3. Glo Sparkle Vulture (Paul McBeth 2X Ledgestone Champion disc)
    4. CT Zone
    5. Tour Series Swirly ESP Nuke 
    6. Colorshift Banger GT
    7. Colorshift Comet
    8. Ti Swirly Focus
    9. Tour Series Swirly ESP Crush
  4. Tournament Releases
    1. Ti Swirly Zone
    2. CT Buzzz 

This year’s disc schedule is incredibly robust and includes two releases from DGA for the first time. “We are excited to partner with DGA on this project and to include them in this deal is a great step forward for the event,” said Heinold. DGA discs will be shipped right along with Discraft LE discs. Other notable releases include two special Banger GT’s, three LE Raptors, the return of the Big Z Force, the return of the Cryztal Sparkle Undertaker and the addition of several molds in Tour Series Swirly ESP plastic. For the first time ever the tournament is doing an LE Stalker, APX, XL and Crush. “When you run this many discs each year it becomes challenging to come up with new ideas, so adding in brand new molds (to Ledgestone) is an exciting way to bring forward new and fresh concepts,” said Heinold. 

Zone lovers will enjoy seeing four special edition Zones on the list. “Not only has the Zone never been released in CT plastic, Ti Swirly plastic or Rubber Blend plastic, but the Cryztal Flx Sparkle Zone has never been released by Ledgestone.” Discraft admits that the Zone really became popular because Ledgestone kept running them and putting them in people’s hands. “We have pretty much run every version of plastic the Zone has been able to handle, and this year we are adding three new plastic variations for the Zone, which should get Zone lovers excited.” Heinold admits the Zone is his favorite disc, so it makes it easy to keep pushing them out. 

If you are a vendor and are interested in ordering 2020 Ledgestone LE discs please send an email to [email protected] for more information! Players wanting to get an early jump on ordering 2020 LE discs can do so starting 1/1/2020. Early registration will open at that time for anyone who wants to buy a special 4 pack of discs to support the event. That 4 pack will include the Paige Pierce Ti Swirly Stalker, Paul McBeth Cryztal Sparkle Undertaker, Paul McBeth Glo Sparkle Vulture and the Cryztal Flx Sparkle Zone. The ability to purchase this 4 pack and register before anyone else can be done at Disc Golf Scene.

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