Course Preview: Eureka Temp

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Review/photos by Jacob Arvidson

Where is it? 101 Lake Road, Eureka, IL 61530 directions

Who plays here? 

Thursday, Aug. 5 - Pool A (MPO)

Friday, Aug. 6 - Pool M (MA1a)

Saturday, Aug. 7 - Pool N (MA1b)

Sunday, Aug. 8 - Pool A (MPO)

Cart Friendly? Yes. There is plenty of elevation, but nothing a cart can’t handle.

Practice schedule notes: The course is restricted for MPO players only on Monday, August 2 (MA1 also allowed), Tuesday, August 3 (MA1 allowed after 4pm) and Wednesday, August 4 (MA1 allowed after 4pm).

Course breakdown: Par: 63. Length: 9,665 feet. Baskets: Discraft Chainstar Pro. 

The Eureka Temp course is an expansive park-style course playing over and around Lake Eureka. It incorporates extensive artificial out-of-bounds ropes and plenty of water hazards. Big arms will have advantages on several holes, but placement over power reigns supreme on this course. The layout opens with a par 4 and a large water carry that gets longer the more aggressively players attack for birdie position. The course then moves into an open park area with large mature trees before emerging into a wide-open field for several holes. The back nine, especially four of the last six holes, is long and grueling with artificial OB and water defining relatively narrow fairways.

Course History: The temporary course was created to challenge the best players in the world. It is only in the ground for the Ledgestone Insurance Open and other special tournament events each year. It was established in 2015 but has seen many layout tweaks and rule changes over the years. In its early years, stroke-and-distance OB was king at Eureka Temp. If a player threw an OB shot, they would take a one-stroke penalty and rethrow from their previous lie. In 2018, the stroke-and-distance penalties were removed from the course.

Signature holes (and holes to watch out for): 

Hole 1 – There is nothing like stepping up to the first hole and being required to clear over 300 feet of water to stay in bounds. Players attacking for birdie will want to shoot for even more distance across the water. But once the lake is cleared, players face a steep dropoff on the backside of the fairway, resulting in a massive uphill approach with the OB lake lurking just over the crest. The pin location on that crest creates a precarious green with OB a mere 20 feet away from the basket.

Hole 9 – The bridge hole, Eureka Temp’s signature. This 354-foot par 3 tees through a bridge to an island green. Players are forced to throw down the length of the 100-foot bridge before their disc can hit open air and glide toward the basket. Missing the island from the tee can prove disastrous as the drop zone is located at the near end of the bridge, forcing a 256-foot shot onto the small green to save bogey.

Hole 13 – This beast of a par 5 continually tests players year after year. The tee shot requires a minimum of 330 feet to simply clear the OB water, and placement of this shot is critical to set up the second throw if there is any hope for a birdie. With artificial OB flanking the left side of the tree-lined fairway, the water remains in play for the entire hole, as players often choose to flirt with the lake to get as far down the fairway as possible. Many players have seen their disc sink into the depths of Lake Eureka attacking this hole.

Hole 17 – The second-to-last hole truly puts on a show for spectators. It features a 310-foot shot complete with a 285-foot water carry and an island green. This high-risk hole finishes directly in front of the bleachers where many fans spend the day watching shot after shot come in. With wide open air over the lake, there are no obstacles to contend with aside from a small dock to the far right. While most players will admit they’re only trying to place their drive onto the small island green, the nature and shape of the shot provides plenty of ace runs, which is what brings fans to this hole. 

Fun Fact: Hole 17 has always been an attraction for in-person spectators at Eureka Temp, but it gained prominence with viewers at home when, in 2018, Reid Frescura opted out of throwing a stock hyzer into the green, instead throwing a low rocket that skipped off the water and parked the basket, a shot he has returned to in subsequent years. Spectators look forward to watching his specific shot at this course.

If you’re hungry, check out: Michael’s Italian Feast, 1902 S Main St, Eureka, IL 61530

A view back across the water on Hole 1. This daunting basket location lies one unfortunate roll away from the OB lake.

A view from the tee on Hole 9. This is what players see when they step up to the famous bridge hole and are faced with a tunnel shot and an island green in the distance.

One of the many ropes that define the fairways at Eureka Temp. The artificial OB both increases difficulty and makes the course safer to navigate.

The intimidating tee shot from Hole 13. Distance is needed to clear the water, but too much distance cuts off the angle for the second shot on this par 5. Landing in the correct spot is crucial.


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