Players Pack & Added Cash Announced

Friday, December 17, 2021

Ledgestone TD Nate Heinold is excited to finally announce the 2022 Ledgestone AM player’s pack, along with this year’s added cash. This is the 12th and final announcement in our Twelve Days of Ledgestone promotion. This year the tournament will add a Ledgestone record $80,000 of added cash while providing an insane player’s pack to amateur players. The tournament also plans on giving a record donation to charity, which would surpass 2021’s $200,000 donation.

So what exactly will Amateur players be looking at in their players pack? For starters, how about a choice of a custom Bushnell Rangefinder, custom Compact Zuca cart or a custom Chainstar Lite basket? The Ledgestone team did extensive research after the 2020 and 2021 events on what exactly amateur players wanted to see in their player packs, and that research helped mold the plans for 2022. “The investment we are making in our AM players is beyond insane. Logistically this will be the most challenging Ledgestone we have ever run. At the same time, we couldn’t be more excited for next year’s event!” exclaimed Heinold. Players will get to choose during the registration process what they want in their pack.

Here is this year’s players pack that all Amateur and Junior players will receive:

  • Choice between a limited edition, custom Bushnell Rangefinder, custom Compact Zuca Cart or a custom Chainstar Lite Basket
  • GRIP6 Custom belt
  • Custom Tournament stool
  • Custom Sportsack
  • Pair of Discraft sunglasses
  • Special Tournament Shirt from Paragon
  • Tube of Zanfel Poison Ivy Product
  • 4 Discraft Limited Edition discs
  • Special hat
  • Limited edition Lightweight Hoody
  • Merrell Shoes Discount Coupon
  • Two free meals at the event
  • And more!

All players will be receiving additional coupons in their players packs, as well as other items. In addition, all players will receive two free meals (Friday and Saturday nights) and free ice cream at two separate events. For those that cannot attend the event but want to purchase a player’s pack, the tournament is offering that chance. A limited number of these packs will be available and the packs will come with the Bushnell Rangefinder. The packs can be purchased here.

The Bushnell Rangefinder that players will be getting will be a special, limited edition color. “We quickly came to a deal with Bushnell after the 2021 Ledgestone event and started working on design options. Luckily for us, the Bushnell team nailed the design on the first try,” said Heinold. Likewise with the Compact Carts, the Ledgestone team has solidified a red/white/blue camo design that will be featured on these Compact carts. Additionally, VIP’s will be treated to a great pack and will get exclusive viewing and parking access at this year’s event. VIP’s will be the only guaranteed admission option for Northwood Black, though the event does expect some limited admission passes to be available at Northwood. Registration for spectator packs opens on 1/1/2022 at 6PM CST. If you cannot play in the event, this is your best bet to watch the event!

Bushnell Disc is the only brand of performance electronics that delivers cutting edge technology and innovation to the disc golfer looking to improve their game. Bushnell’s products provide the data players need to get the most out of their time in the practice field and on the course. Visit them at for a full guide to their disc golf products. Bushnell is proud to be a part of the 2022 slate of Ledgestone hosted events.

"Disc Golf Carts for a Better Game" has been ZUCA Inc's mission and focus since the beginning. ZUCA has established itself as the industry leading disc golf cart brand, and with multiple versions of the product, there is a cart for everyone. Understanding that ZUCA is one small piece of the puzzle, CEO Bruce Kinnee says, "It's important to us to support our partners such as Ledgestone, the Disc Golf Pro Tour, The Professional Disc Golf Association and many others who are working hard to move the sport forward." ZUCA is proud to partner with Ledgestone in 2022 as a Major Sponsor. Learn more at

As for the pros, this year will see a record amount of added cash of $80,000, which tops the previous record set in 2021. Ledgestone attributes this increase to the partnership it has formed over the last 7 years with Discraft. “Discraft goes above and beyond to make sure we have everything we need to run a successful event. This increase of added cash is directly attributable to the success of our 2021 event and our Ledgestone pro shop. Without Discraft providing us great and unique products to sell, we wouldn’t be able to continue to make these investments in the event,” said Heinold. The Ledgestone retail website launched in January 2020 and quickly allowed the tournament a better way to market Ledgestone and raise funds for the event. Proceeds from sales from the website directly help the Ledgestone event continue to improve and get better. “Without the success of the website, we wouldn’t be making deals with Bushnell and Zuca to provide this kind of player’s pack. We sincerely appreciate all of the support that everyone has given us,” said Heinold.

Thank you for reading along with us the last 12 days during the “12 Days of Ledgestone.” The 12th Annual Discraft Ledgestone Insurance Open will take place August 11th to the 14th in Central Illinois. Registration will take place exclusively at Disc Golf Scene and will open in early 2022. Registration for AM players and age protected professionals will take place here and registration for the DGPT event will take place here.

2022 Champions

Missy Gannon
Ricky Wysocki

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