Ledgestone Tournament and Exclusive Releases Announced

Monday, December 19, 2022

Today the Ledgestone team is excited to announce the discs that will be released during the 2023 Ledgestone Open, as well as the discs being released exclusively on the Shop Ledgestone website throughout the year. Every year, the Ledgestone team makes a special slate of releases for the event, making full use of Discraft’s innovations and technology. These special releases will be available a week prior to the tournament. Additionally, Ledgestone produces a small selection of discs for sale exclusively on their site, which includes Ledgestone Edition discs as well as Team Ledgestone fundraiser releases. This announcement is the 8th in our Twelve Days of Ledgestone promotion. 

Today, as part of the Twelve Days of Ledgestone campaign, we are offering 10% off on the ENTIRE Shop Ledgestone website. That goes for carts, bags, discs, Rangefinders, or whatever you might need.

Without any further delay, here is what Ledgestone will be releasing during their 2023 event:

2023 Ledgestone Open Tournament Releases

  1. ESP Sparkle Glo Zone
  2. Z Sparkle Glo Challenger SS
  3. Swirl Soft Luna
  4. Jawbreaker Swirl Ringer GT
  5. Jawbreaker Z Fierce
  6. CryZtal Flx Zone 
  7. White ESP Buzzz
  8. TriFoil Z Buzzz
  9. UV CryZtal Wasp
  10. Colorshift Z Nebula
  11. Midnight TriFoil Z Buzzz
  12. ESP Sparkle Glo Undertaker
  13. ESP Tour Series Swirl Sol
  14. Midnight ESP Heat
  15. TriFoil Big Z Mantis
  16. ESP Tour Series Swirl Vulture
  17. UV CryZtal Raptor
  18. Z Sparkle Glo Reaper
  19. ESP Sparkle Glo Passion
  20. White ESP Raptor
  21. X Force
  22. ESP Tour Series Swirl Nuke
  23. Jawbreaker Z Scorch

In addition, Ledgestone will be continuing the tradition of releasing the CryZtal and Midnight CryZtal Collector Sets as a means of raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Ledgestone also releases a selection of discs for sale exclusively on the Shop Ledgestone website. These will be released throughout the year. Those are listed below:

2023 Shop Releases 

  1. Full Foil Zone
  2. Fly Dye Roach
  3. Midnight Z Ringer
  4. Midnight ESP Banger GT
  5. Swirl Soft Buzzz
  6. ESP Sparkle Comet
  7. Z Glo Wasp
  8. Tour Series ESP Swirl Hornet 
  9. Tour Series ESP Swirl Stalker 
  10. Tour Series ESP Swirl Avenger SS
  11. Fly Dye Flx Raptor
  12. Z Metallic Swirl Mantis
  13. Z Metallic Swirl Nuke
  14. Z Sparkle Glo Nuke OS
  15. Tour Series ESP Swirl Surge SS

In addition, Ledgestone will be releasing many discs to support their players on the road this year. The Ledgestone team will also release discs to support the following players on tour: Ben Callaway, Chandler Fry, Andrew Presnell, Alexis Mandujano, Michael Johansen, Micah Groth, Brian Earhart, Tom Earhart, Zach Arlinghaus and additional team members who have not yet been announced.

The 13th Annual Discraft Ledgestone Insurance Open will take place August 3rd to August 6th in Central Illinois. Registration will take place exclusively at Disc Golf Scene and will open 1/1/23. Registration for AM players and age protected professionals will take place here

2022 Champions

Missy Gannon
Ricky Wysocki

Open Now

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Previous Champions
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