Ledgestone LE Disc Schedule Announced

Friday, December 16, 2022

Today the Ledgestone team is happy to announce the molds that will be released to vendors for the 2023 Ledgestone Limited Edition disc program. This year Ledgestone Limited Edition discs will be released over 3 different waves. The plan would call for approximate releases in February 2023, April 2023 and June 2023. Ledgestone will also have limited discs available exclusively at the Ledgestone retail website throughout the year and will have a special wave during the Ledgestone event. This announcement is the 5th in our Twelve Days of Ledgestone promotion. 

With the day 5 announcement, Ledgestone is doing a 20% off sale for any Ledgestone LE discs on the site. These include any of the special Wave disc and Ledgestone exclusive LE discs that the team has dropped throughout the year. This sale will only run today, December 16th exclusively at the Ledgestone retail website. This discount will be above and beyond any other discounts offered. “We wanted to add some extra value with our 12 Days of Ledgestone promotion this year, and that is why we are offering these daily, exclusive discounts,” said Heinold. 

Coming up with the disc schedule is always a fun challenge for Ledgestone TD Nate Heinold. “The process really starts with asking people what they want to see. We do some polls online and then gauge what has sold well in the past. We also evaluate new molds as they come out,” said Heinold. One of the main benefits for the Ledgestone program is bringing back molds that do not get a lot of attention in stock runs, or molds that are out of production. “A lot of these older discs have great markets, and sometimes releasing these older discs in limited runs (in a newer plastic) will reinvigorate fans of that disc, or bring new fans to certain discs,” continued Heinold. Additionally it’s always challenging to figure out stamps for all of the discs. To keep things fresh and unique, Ledgestone is bringing on several new designers for 2023 while continuing to work with past designers Les White, Justin Lago and Brian Allen. In addition Ledgestone will continue to work with in house Ledgestone and Discraft designers. 

The Ledgestone fundraiser discs are one of the primary fundraising methods for the tournament. “All of the vendor support for these discs really helps make Ledgestone what it is. We are extremely grateful to all of the vendors who have supported us over the years,” said Heinold. Vendors supporting the event at the top level include the following vendors:

Additional vendors supporting the event who will be selling Ledgestone discs include the following: Ace Disc Golf, Amazing Discoveries, Amexpo Oy, Another Round Disc Golf, Apollo Disc Golf, Bomb Discs, BRIA Disc Golf, Cajun Jesters, Cape Fear Games, DD Iron City, DD Savannah, Dellwood, DGPT, Dirty Dan, Disc Baron, Disc Gauntlet, Disc Golf Deals, Disc Golf Depot, Disc Golf Mart, Disc n Dat, Disc Nation, Disc Republic, DiscGolf4U, Discovering the World, Discs Unlimited, Discshop, Disctinct, Dollar Mart Plus, Double Helix, DZ Discs, El Dorado, First Run Disc Golf, Fit Inspired Living, Flight Factory, Foundation Disc Golf, Full Bid, Gotta Go Gotta Throw, Great Lakes, Greazy Dyes, Hang Em High, Haywood Valley, Hazy Shade, Heatland, Hocking Hills, Ideal Discs, Infinite Discs, Kulbert AS, Ledgestone, Local Route, Lucky Ace, Luna Park, Mandos Disc Golf, Marshall Street, Michiana, Okanagan Disc Supply, OTB, Par Plastics, PIAS Cuyahoga Falls, PIAS Nampa, PIAS Schaumburg, Powergrip Europe, Powergrip USA, Proff DG, Ran Disc Golf, Ready Home Recreation, Reaper Discs, Rocket Discs, Skybreed, Smokin Aces, Southern View Classic Course, Star Disc Golf, Sune Sport, Sunking, Sweet Spot, Team Figgins, 1010 Discs, Thirteen Peaks, Throw Shop, Titan Disc Golf, True North, Truly Unique, Underground Platteville, Xtreme Games, Yeet Street.  

Without further delay, here is this year’s Disc Schedule, subject to change:

  1. Wave 1
    1. Rubber Blend Zone
    2. White ESP Roach
    3. CryZtal Ringer
    4. Z Sparkle Glo Buzzz
    5. ESP Swirl Wasp
    6. Z Swirl Nebula
    7. CryZtal Glide 
    8. Z Swirl Heat
    9. Z Swirl Flash
    10. Jawbreaker Raptor
    11. Z Swirl Reaper
    12. ESP Swirl Tour Series Force
    13. Lightweight ESP Crank
    14. Lightweight ESP Nuke OS
    15. Z Metallic Swirl Scorch
  1. Wave 2
    1. Midnight ESP Zone
    2. TriFoil Big Z Challenger OS
    3. ESP Swirl Tour Series Ringer GT
    4. LE Full Foil Buzzz
    5. Z Swirl Archer
    6. Fly Dye Buzzz OS
    7. Z Sparkle Glo Drone
    8. Lightweight ESP Undertaker 
    9. CryZtal Flx Machete 
    10. Big Z Avenger SS
    11. Lightweight ESP Force
    12. ESP Swirl Tour Series Nuke SS
    13. CryZtal Nuke
    14. ESP Swirl Crush
    15. Z Glo Thrasher
  1. Wave 3
    1. Colorshift Z Zone
    2. Swirl Soft Challenger 
    3. Midnight ESP Roach
    4. UV CryZtal Focus
    5. TriFoil Big Z Buzzz
    6. Midnight Z Meteor
    7. CT Blend Wasp
    8. TriFoil Big Z Undertaker 
    9. Lightweight ESP Sparkle Raptor
    10. Z Glo Flx Heat 
    11. Midnight Z Vulture 
    12. TriFoil ESP Glo Nuke
    13. ESP Swirl Tour Series Punisher
    14. Flag Dye Z Force
    15. Midnight ESP Surge

The tournament will be releasing 20+ Limited runs at the Ledgestone event, with a few of the releases listed below:

  • Jawbreaker Z Fierce
  • Midnight ESP Heat 
  • UV CryZtal Wasp
  • Colorshift Z Nebula 
  • ESP Sparkle Glo Passion
  • Z Glo Sparkle Reaper 
  • St Jude McBeth Discs 

In addition, Ledgestone will be releasing many discs to support their players on the road this year. The Ledgestone team will also release discs to support the following players on tour: Ben Callaway, Chandler Fry, Andrew Presnell, Alexis Mandujano, Michael Johansen, Micah Groth, Brian Earhart, Tom Earhart, Zach Arlinghaus and additional team members who have not yet been announced. And finally, Ledgestone will have several additional Limited runs released throughout the year, including a Midnight Z Ringer, Swirl Soft Buzzz, ESP Swirl Tour Series Hornet, Fly Dye Flx Raptor, Z Metallic Swirl Mantis and more!

The 13th Annual Discraft Ledgestone Insurance Open will take place August 3rd to August 6th in Central Illinois. Registration will take place exclusively at Disc Golf Scene and will open 1/1/23. Registration for AM players and age protected professionals will take place here

2022 Champions

Missy Gannon
Cole Redalen

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