GRIPeq Back on Board as Presenting Sponsor

Friday, December 18, 2020

Ledgestone TD Nate Heinold is happy to announce that a principle agreement has been struck between the Ledgestone event and GRIPeq that will see GRIPeq stay on as the presenting sponsor for the 2021 Ledgestone event. This is the 8th announcement in our Twelve Days of Ledgestone promotion. The official name of the event will be the Discraft Ledgestone Insurance Open Powered by GRIPeq. “After this year’s Ledgestone, I wasted no time and got the GRIPeq team on the phone almost immediately after the event. We really enjoyed working with GRIPeq and their team in 2020 and couldn’t imagine working with anyone else,” said Heinold.

So what will the deal entail? “I quickly pitched the idea of a custom bag and releasing a special bag to support the event. I loved what they did in 2020 but wanted to take it a step further,” said Heinold. At the 2020 event, Nate and one of GRIPeq’s Managing Partners both agreed that they wanted to try to make something happen for the 2021 event. “I remember talking with him, and we both were pumped up about how things were going with 2020, and we both basically told the other person that we didn’t want to go backwards,” said Heinold.

What does not going backwards mean? “Ha, to my wife, I am sure it means one thing, but to me it means constantly improving and making the event better,” said Heinold. Discussions took place over the course of 7 weeks, with various ideas and designs kicked back and forth. GRIPeq then came up with the idea to do a Ledgestone lineup of bags with all four of their bag designs. “I was honestly floored, in a good way, because I had thought of that idea but was too afraid to suggest it,” said Heinold. The Ledgestone team has worked closely with the GRIPeq team on a design, and more information is expected to be released soon.

Grip Equipment is acknowledged by many as the designer and producers of the world’s premier disc golf bags. Established in 2009, GRIPeq’s passion for user-centric design innovation and penchant for unparalleled product quality, durability and customer service continues to broaden their role in the industry and amplify GRIPeq's presence as one of the most recognized and desirable brands in Disc Golf worldwide.

The 11th Annual Discraft Ledgestone Insurance Open will take place August 5th to the 8th in Central Illinois. Registration will take place exclusively at Disc Golf Scene and will open in early 2021. Registration for AM players and age protected professionals will take place here and registration for the DGPT event will take place here.

Ledgestone News
Camp Kearney DGC Added to 2021 Course Schedule

Mar 13 2021

The Ledgestone team is happy to announce that Camp Kearney DGC has joined the course schedule for the 2021 event.

Ledgestone LE Disc Schedule Announced

Feb 27 2021

This year we are releasing every single mold that Discraft has available. These discs will be released over 3 different waves.

Players Pack & Added Cash Announced

Dec 22 2020

This year the tournament will add a Ledgestone record $70,000 of added cash while providing an insane player’s pack to amateur players. The tournament also plans on giving a record donation to St Jude, which would surpass 2020’s $60,000 donation.

Events Schedule Announced

Dec 20 2020

The 2021 events schedule includes a lot of returning events and some new and exciting events.

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