Pro Tips: What Ledgestone Pros Were Saying Tuesday at Northwood Black

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Story/Photos by Chris Yucus

Practice? Yeah, we’re talking practice! With a new course on the schedule this year in Northwood Black, Ledgestone pros were putting in plenty of practice rounds Tuesday.

Here are some quotes straight from the mouths of Ledgestone Pros during their practice rounds at the new course:

“I imagine there will be a sizable lost-and-found this week,” -- Greg Barsby.

“I think we need the balance of courses like this. Especially with Eureka Lake being more open, it will provide a well-balanced tournament. I think you’ve got to disc down and stay on fairways here,”-- James Proctor.

“If you’re in the rough, pitch out, no need to be a hero. Just start over and get back into the fairway,” -- Rich Klein.

“Ironically, I thought Northwood was the same as last year, and years past. So I didn’t even look at the map.Then I showed up, and I was like “This isn’t the same course! I’m kind of playing blind, only playing one or two shots. Then I’ll play it again,” -- Ellen Widboom.

“I think the rough can be as rough as it wants to be, because the lines are so fair,” -- Alden Harris.

“I feel like this is the next level of wooded disc golf. The lines out here are tight. The landing zones are very specific. I think it's going to make for a very challenging competition,” -- Thomas Gilbert.

Thomas Gilbert watches a shot head towards the basket at Northwood Black.

“Yesterday if I had a bad shot, I picked it up. Today I’m actually playing from there to see how I play it. I’m trying to see what I need to do to scramble. Because that’s what this course is, scrambling,” -- Trevon Crowe.

“”We’re playing a round for lunch, so there’s only one off the tee (today),” -- Raven Newsom (on playing Crowe for lunch on his second round at the course.)

“There’s definitely a lot more notetaking than normal here,” -- Leah Tsinajinnie.

“I prefer this type of play versus putting OB lines everywhere… I think you’re going to see big numbers on a lot of holes that might surprise people. It will keep it interesting, especially for the women, because Sunset (Hills) doesn’t allow for a lot of scoring separation. You’re going to get out here and see who's good at understanding their discs and how to scramble,” -- Callie McMorran.

Callie McMorran and her pup hit the trails Tuesday at Northwood Black.

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