Spectating at the 2024 Ledgestone Open

August 1st to August 4th the best disc golfers in the world will be returning to Central Illinois for the 14th annual Discraft Ledgestone Open. The event is commonly referred to as “Ledgestone” and is the largest disc golf tournament in the world. The MPO players compete over 4 rounds of competition, playing the Lake Eureka Course. FPO players also play 4 rounds and they will complete at Sunset Hills. The Ledgestone Open offers the ability to get up close and personal with the best players in the world on one of disc golf’s grandest stages.

Ledgestone Spectator FAQ


Where and when is the Ledgestone Open?

Event activities start on Friday before the tournament, the Elite+ tournament begins on Thursday August 1st (MPO/FPO) and the A-Tier begins on Friday August 2nd (Amateurs and Age-Protected divisions). Tournament central is at Lake Eureka Park, located at:

101 Lake Road
Eureka, IL 61530

Do I need tickets to spectate (and how do I get them)?

Yes, you need to purchase tickets to spectate. Tickets cover one person and can be purchased on DGScene.

Where can I park?

At Eureka Lake, parking is located at the lower (East) entrance to the park. Parking staff will guide you to the appropriate parking area. At Sunset Hills spectator parking is available in the main lot at the club and with street parking.

What's the earliest I can arrive to spectate?

We ask that you arrive no earlier than 7:30AM to spectate competition days.

Will there be food/drink nearby?

Yes! We will have multiple food trucks at Tournament Central at Eureka Lake. Sunset Hills has a full service bar and restaurant. VIP spectators have access to free snacks and drinks at our VIP tents.

Where is the Pro Shop?

We will have multiple Pro Shops during the event: Eureka Lake, Five Points and the Fly-Marts. For information on the other Pro Shops, please click here.

What hotels do you recommend?

We have partnered with local hotels to give you discounted rates. Those discounted rates can be found exclusively by using our partner booking platform.

Spectating Spots

Where are the best places on the course to watch the action?

Eureka Lake is an open course with many great spectating spots. Many spectators follow their favorite players throughout the course. The back 6 holes are a great place to sit and watch multiple cards play through. Tournament central is a great place to watch holes 1, 12, and 18. In addition, many spectators gather at the teeing area of 13/18, which also gives a great view of hole 17.

Sunset Hills is mostly open, but some holes are spread out from the rest. Many spectators follow their favorite players throughout the course. The best place to sit and watch is near the basket of holes 5 and 6, or the VIP area on hole 18.

What access do VIP’s get?

VIP spectators are offered VIP viewing areas with seats/bleachers in prime locations. Free drinks and snacks are available at the various VIP tents throughout the two courses. The main VIP area at Sunset Hills is located just off of hole 18. The two VIP tent locations at Eureka include hole 12 (the water tower hole) and hole 17.

What can I do between spectating?

What, when, and where are the events at Ledgestone?

Events start the Friday before the event. Events are held in a variety of places, with most at Eureka Lake Park. The full event schedule can be found here

Where should I play disc golf while I'm there?

As most courses will be in use, please refer to the practice schedule to see what courses are in use that day. Sunset and Eureka are restricted during the week leading up to the event. The full practice schedule can be found here.

What are the best restaurants and bars?

Our favorite bars/wineries are:

Our favorite restaurants are:

What else should I check out in Peoria?
  • Peoria Riverfront Museum
  • Peoria Chiefs Game (Dozer Park)
  • Grand View Drive
  • Wildlife Prairie Park

Full list of activities and places can be found here.

Tips, Etiquette, and Rules for Spectators

What should I bring?

Prepare for the weather. Sunscreen, bug spray, water, and good walking shoes are essential

How can I meet the pros?

We have a few disc signing events before and during the tournament, in addition to the DGPT autograph tent which will be available throughout the week. Additionally, Elite VIPs have a scheduled meet and greet with top Pros. Please do not ask players for pictures or autographs before or during their round. Most players like to hang around after their round to take pictures and sign autographs. Remember, disc golf is their job, and all players take these events very seriously.

Can I bring my pets?

No, please leave your pets at home.

What etiquette should I know?
  • Overall, just don’t distract the players. Keep quiet from when a player is approaching his or her lie until the throwing motion is complete.
  • Do not move while a player is putting or throwing.
  • Do not leave designated spectator areas.
  • No flash photography.

Accessibility information

*Handicap Placard is required to park in handicap spots unless directly instructed otherwise by Staff*

  • Eureka Lake:

    A limited number of handicap parking spots are available near Tournament Central (Upper Entrance). Please speak to the Parking attendant for the exact location.

    There is a large hill and stairs leading to the fairway of hole 1, and to holes 2-12. There is little wheelchair access to those holes. 13-18 are wheelchair accessible via a sidewalk.

  • Sunset Hills:

    Sunset Hills is wheelchair accessible with some moderate hills. A cart path runs through most of the course besides holes 12-18. The green of 18 can be accessed via wheelchair. Handicap parking is available at the clubhouse, but access to the course is restricted by a large, steep hill (not including 18’s green). ***Note the hill from parking lot to tee of hole 1 can be avoided by parking on the street near the West entrance and using the sidewalk between houses to reach hole 1 (Sidewalk between houses is Sunset Hills property).