Ledgestone Looking for Summer 2023 Interns

Thursday, January 5, 2023

The Ledgestone team is looking to hire several interns for the 2023 Summer disc golf season. Interested parties should apply below with their resume and best phone number. Interviews will be done this winter, with candidates selected in February. The internship dates are somewhat flexible, with availability beginning in early/late June 2023, with the end date being on or around August 20th, 2023. These are paid internships and interns will get experience working in all facets of the disc golf operations of Ledgestone, including the disc golf wholesale and retail operations, tournament operations (including Ledgestone, Worlds and DGLO), course preparation work, etc. Below are the descriptions of the positions available:

Assist the Operations Manager of Ledgestone with:

  • Management and maintenance of the Ledgestone Warehouse 
  • Customer Service Inquiries  
  • Provide hospitality and assistance to visitors during Ledgestone Events 
  • Course preparation work 
  • Hosting and managing tournaments and other events
  • Handling and resolving individual tournament issues in a timely, professional, and courteous manner
  • Other duties and assistance as assigned

Assist the Manager of Ledgestone Warehouse with:

  • Processing of shipping labels
  • Managing Quality Control of Warehouse 
  • Organizing, updating, and improving shipping methods to ensure efficiency 
  • Representing Ledgestone at Tournaments and Events

Assist the Ledgestone Supervisor(s) with:

  • Management of events and Support Staff 
  • Inventory of products 
  • Restock of inventory
  • Shipments of products 

Assist the Ledgestone Warehouse Assistants with:

  • Pulling of products 
  • Shipping of all products
  • Quality control
  • Quality of products
  • Customer Service

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