Ledgestone Practice Schedule

This differs for each course. During Ledgestone week we are hosting eleven Flex C Tiers. The courses are closed to outside play during those Flex C Tiers and the dates for the Flex C Tiers can be found here: https://lisopen.com/event/.

The only exception is Northwood Black on Monday August 8th. MPO and FPO players can practice the course this day even if they are not playing the Flex event.

Northwood Black: Northwood Black is NOT available to any competitors during Ledgestone week outside of MPO, FPO and MP40 except during the Flex event this coming Monday. Northwood Black is restricted to MPO and FPO players only on Tuesday August 9th and Wednesday August 10th until 4PM. MP40 players can practice Northwood Black anytime this weekend, Monday if you play the Flex event, Monday after the Flex event, Tuesday and Wednesday after 4PM, and Thursday starting after 1PM once the FPO division has cleared the front nine. There are no exceptions.

Outside of the Flex C Tier restriction, the following courses have no other restrictions for practice in the months leading up to Ledgestone, including Ledgestone week:

  • Bradley Park
  • Eureka Permanent
  • Northwood Blue
  • Northwood Black
  • Washington Park
  • Maxwell Park
  • ICC
  • Westwood Park

Sunset Hills and Wildlife DGC are pay to play courses. Wildlife is generally always available, while it is advised to call ahead to Sunset Hills for a tee time. Additionally Eureka Temp will be setup and available for play the evening of Saturday August 6th and is restricted by the Flex C Tier event on Sunday, August 7th. Additionally the Eureka Temp course is restricted to MPO players only on Tuesday August 9th and Wednesday August 10th. MA1 players can play the Eureka Temp course after 4PM on those two days. The Eureka Temp course is only available for MA1 and MPO play during the week. Sunset Hills is restricted to FPO players only between 8AM and Noon on Tuesday August 9th and Wednesday August 10th. Kennel Lake is a private club and membership is required to play the course before Ledgestone week. The course is open and available to practice (free of charge) Monday August 8th through Wednesday August 10th, with the Flex event on Thursday August 11th restricting the course that day.

Ledgestone News
Bushnell: Driving Disc Golf Data

Aug 7 2022

The data-driven approach of Bushnell brings a high-end product and new details to an ever-growing sport and taps into a market on the hunt for more stats and professionalism.

2022 Ledgestone Event Schedule

Aug 5 2022

The Ledgestone Open isn’t just a Disc Golf Pro Tour stop and it’s not just a regular amateur tournament. It’s an entire event. The festivities begin almost a full week in advance.

Results of Latest Course Work: Black Delivers Even Better Play in 2022

Aug 5 2022

Northwood Black continues to reign as the hardest course on the Disc Golf Pro tour.

A Deeper Impact: Ledgestone’s Charity Partners

Aug 3 2022

In 2021, Ledgestone made a $200,000 donation to charities including St. Jude and the Paul McBeth Foundation. It is still the largest ever donation from a disc golf event.

Previous Champions
  • 2020: Catrina Allen, Ricky Wysocki
  • 2019: Paul McBeth, Paige Pierce
  • 2018: Nate Sexton, Jessica Weese
  • 2017: Josh Anthon, Valarie Jenkins
  • 2016: Catrina Allen, Paul McBeth
  • 2015: Catrina Allen, Simon Lizotte
  • 2014: Catrina Allen, Nikko Locastro
  • 2013: Catrina Allen, Devan Owens
  • 2012: Sarah Hokom, Nikko Locastro
  • 2011: Al Hermosillo
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