Ledgestone Practice Schedule

This information includes the times that each course are available for practice. During Ledgestone week we are hosting fifteen Flex C Tiers. The courses are closed to outside play during those Flex C Tiers and the dates for the Flex C Tiers can be found here: Event Schedule.

Outside of the Flex C Tier restriction, the following courses have no other restrictions for practice in the months leading up to Ledgestone, including Ledgestone week: Bradley Park, Eureka Permanent, Northwood Park (both courses), McNaughton, Washington Park, Maxwell Park, ICC and Westwood Park.

Sunset Hills and Wildlife DGC are pay to play courses. Wildlife is generally always available, while it is advised to call ahead to Sunset Hills for a tee time. Three Sisters is generally available but it is advised to check their website for their events schedule as a music festival does occur annually that shuts the park down for a period of time. Eureka Temp is a temporary course and is not available for play during the year. Brady Park is a new course that will open early in the Summer of 2024. Kennel Lake is not available throughout the year unless you play the course with a member.

During event week, Eureka Temp is restricted to MPO players only. The only time that members of the public can play Eureka Temp is during the DGPT Flex C Tier qualifier on July 28th. Sunset Hills is restricted to FPO players only Monday through Wednesday of event week from 8AM to Noon. Kennel Lake is only available for outside play and practice July 29th through July 31st.

2023 Champions

Missy Gannon
Cole Redalen

Ledgestone News
Ledgestone and DGLO Players Pack & Added Cash Announced

Dec 20 2023

This year the tournament will add a Ledgestone record $90,000 of added cash while providing a top level player’s pack to amateur players.

2024 Pro Worlds Logo and Event Details Released

Dec 19 2023

Ledgestone Disc Golf, in coordination with the PDGA, is happy to release the 2024 PDGA Pro Worlds logo and details about the 2024 event.

GRIPeq Back as Presenting Sponsor for Ledgestone

Dec 18 2023

GRIPeq is back as the presenting sponsor for Ledgestone for the 2024 event.

Bushnell Back for 2024

Dec 17 2023

Bushnell’s products provide the data players need to get the most out of their time in the practice field and on the course.

Previous Champions
  • 2022: Missy Gannon, Richard Wysocki
  • 2021: C Heimburg/R Wysocki, Paige Pierce
  • 2020: Catrina Allen, Ricky Wysocki
  • 2019: Paul McBeth, Paige Pierce
  • 2018: Nate Sexton, Jessica Weese
  • 2017: Josh Anthon, Valarie Jenkins
  • 2016: Catrina Allen, Paul McBeth
  • 2015: Catrina Allen, Simon Lizotte
  • 2014: Catrina Allen, Nikko Locastro
  • 2013: Catrina Allen, Devan Owens
  • 2012: Sarah Hokom, Nikko Locastro
  • 2011: Al Hermosillo
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