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One of the most common questions we got in the last few years was, “Where can we buy Ledgestone discs and apparel?” The answer was always Facebook and we moved a lot of discs through the various Facebook disc golf pages. That became a bit cumbersome but the Ledgestone was worried about the effort needed to run a full scale online disc golf store.

They finally took the plunge in January of 2020 at the urging of Discraft marketing manager Jon Richardson and Ledgestone web developer Derek McKenzie. The Ledgestone team has been able to grow the brand to new heights with its website. Not only does the website list Ledgestone discs but also regular stock Disraft discs. Over time the website envisions being one of the leading places online to buy everything Discraft. “The Ledgestone event is really an extended part of the Discraft family. We have a great relationship with Discraft and they put a lot of faith and trust in us and we try to return the favor. That’s why you will only ever see Discraft made discs on the website,” said Nate Heinold, Ledgestone TD.

One of the biggest fundraisers the last several years have been the Ledgestone mystery boxes, which are also featured on the page. In addition the tournament has come out with a new product this year, Ledgestone Misprint Mystery boxes. Here are some of the products you can expect to see on the Ledgestone retail website:

Ledgestone Discs Release Schedule

Various releases will happen throughout the year, with the largest releases happening during the following times:

  • Ledgestone Wave 1 release (usually winter): This release includes Wave 1 of the annual Ledgestone discs and one of the best mystery box sales of the year.
  • Ledgestone Wave 2 release (usually late winter/early spring): This release includes Wave 2 of the annual Ledgestone discs and another mystery box sale.
  • Ledgestone Wave 3 release (usually late spring): This release includes Wave 3 of the annual Ledgestone discs and another mystery box sale.
  • Tournament release (August): This is our biggest release of the year and generally includes a special Luna and many other items that are specifically run for the Ledgestone event. This release also includes the Limited Edition runs that the tournament sells and promotes through registration.

2023 Release Schedule

Wave 1
  • Rubber Blend Zone
  • White ESP Roach
  • CryZtal Ringer
  • Z Sparkle Glo Buzzz
  • ESP Swirl Wasp
  • Z Swirl Nebula
  • CryZtal Glide
  • Z Swirl Heat
  • Z Swirl Flash
  • Jawbreaker Raptor
  • Z Swirl Reaper
  • ESP Swirl Tour Series Force
  • Lightweight ESP Crank
  • Lightweight ESP Nuke OS
  • Z Metallic Swirl Scorch
Wave 2
  • Midnight ESP Zone
  • TriFoil Big Z Challenger OS
  • ESP Swirl Tour Series Ringer GT
  • LE Full Foil Buzzz
  • Z Swirl Archer
  • Fly Dye Buzzz OS
  • Z Sparkle Glo Drone
  • Lightweight ESP Undertaker
  • CryZtal Flx Machete
  • Big Z Avenger SS
  • Lightweight ESP Force
  • ESP Swirl Tour Series Nuke SS
  • CryZtal Nuke
  • ESP Swirl Crush
  • Z Glo Thrasher
Wave 3
  • Colorshift Z Zone
  • Swirl Soft Challenger
  • Midnight ESP Roach
  • UV CryZtal Focus
  • TriFoil Big Z Buzzz
  • Midnight Z Meteor
  • CT Blend Wasp
  • TriFoil Big Z Undertaker
  • Lightweight ESP Sparkle Raptor
  • Z Glo Flx Heat
  • Midnight Z Vulture
  • TriFoil ESP Glo Nuke
  • ESP Swirl Tour Series Punisher
  • Flag Dye Z Force
  • Midnight ESP Surge

Thank you for your support of the Ledgestone Insurance Open! The Ledgestone retail store is located at shopledgestone.com.

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2022 Champions

Missy Gannon
Ricky Wysocki

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Previous Champions
  • 2021: C Heimburg/R Wysocki, Paige Pierce
  • 2020: Catrina Allen, Ricky Wysocki
  • 2019: Paul McBeth, Paige Pierce
  • 2018: Nate Sexton, Jessica Weese
  • 2017: Josh Anthon, Valarie Jenkins
  • 2016: Catrina Allen, Paul McBeth
  • 2015: Catrina Allen, Simon Lizotte
  • 2014: Catrina Allen, Nikko Locastro
  • 2013: Catrina Allen, Devan Owens
  • 2012: Sarah Hokom, Nikko Locastro
  • 2011: Al Hermosillo
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