Limited Edition Discs

UPDATE as of 3/24/15: Approximately 75% of the total discs have been committed to vendors. Some discs are 90% sold and some are even closer to selling out. The excel file has all of the updates for what is almost sold out. We strongly recommend anyone wanting to participate get in on the discs today!

UPDATE as of 3/11/15: Over half of the available LE discs have already been committed to vendors and what still remains is available on a first come, first served basis. Act quickly if you would like to offers these discs to your customers.

Discraft is releasing many limited edition discs for the Ledgestone NT event. Included in these discs is Discraft's new blend of plastic, Ti FLX. Justin Jernigan is the contact for anyone interested in wholesaling these discs:

The order form is available here for download, which also includes an FAQ page. Please submit completed orders as soon as you can!

2015 Discraft Ledgestone Edition Disc 2015 Discraft Ledgestone Edition Disc 2015 Discraft Ledgestone Edition Disc 2015 Discraft Ledgestone Edition Disc 2015 Discraft Ledgestone Edition Disc 2015 Discraft Ledgestone Edition Disc

Vendors Selling these Discs:

  • Plastic Addicts (Official Vendor of the 2015 Ledgestone Insurance Open)
  • LS Discs
  • Terry Miller the DG Guy
  • Deuce Squad
  • Disc Baron
  • James Cordes
  • Dyeing2throw
  • Lemon Lake
  • Jason Labella
  • Gotta Go Gotta Throw
  • Infinite Discs
  • Laney Vickers
  • Aces and Chains
  • Disc Golf Center
  • Sun King
  • Marshall Street
  • Discs Unlimited
  • J&N Feeders
  • Joshua Mogle
  • Zachery Sloan
  • Buckeye Discs
  • Brad Zuraski
  • Peoria Frisbee Club
  • Chux Plastic
  • Disc Golf 365
  • Joseph Burback
  • Clearwater
  • Larry Leonardi
  • Phenix Disc Sports
  • Blue Ribbon Pines
  • Sweet Spot Disc Golf Store
  • Ben Calhoun
  • J-Bird
  • Art Smart's Dart Mart
  • Steve Kornmuller
  • Disc Hunt
  • CJ's Party Store
  • Steve Bevel
  • Everyday Disc Golf
  • Malek Dalbik
  • Dave Lender
  • Griffin Disc Golf
  • Paper or Plastic
  • Andrew Symes
  • Frisbeepoint Oy

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